Goody Grace


Goody Grace is a young talent out of Winnipeg Manitoba that caught the attention of his idols by hitting social media hard and gathering an online audience. He is a singer songwriter that has played guitar since the age of 4 and is influenced by Bob Dylan as much as Wiz Khalifa. He plays his six string and sings and raps about being a kid with a dream and taking daily steps to become everything he's ever wanted to be. He signed with Cisco Adler and Bananabeat records and has never looked back. Together they crafted his raw talent into the well rounded artist he is now at only 19. He recently has co-written Cody Simpson's single "Flower" and Co-wrote and is featured on West Virginia rapper Huey Mack's song "Things Change" which is getting radio play all over Canada right now. Goody Grace is poised to be the answer to his own question. Can a kid from small town Manitoba with a big dream make it? The answer is yes and it will be a pleasure to watch this kid take over the entire world with his talent and charm. Stay tuned and follow the young future...