Mod Sun


MOVEMENT ON DREAMS. STAND UNDER NONE. “I think the suns comin’ out”, says 24 year old Dylan Smith. He is positive his positivity will bring him something positive. “The two things I base my life around and continue to stay passionate about are music and ‘The Secret’. I know that thinking about what you want will bring you… what you want.” 

Dylan has been pursuing music at a serious level since age 14.  

“I played in a bunch of bands growing up (The Semester, Sideline Heroes) and then joined “Four Letter Lie”. We were signed by the time I was 18 and did nothing but tour. I love drums but I always wanted to interact with the crowd more. While touring I started to freestyle, I’m a funny dude so making people laugh wasn’t ever a problem. I could go on forever just rhymin’ about whatever was in front of me. People started tellin’ me to record some tracks and the rest is history.”